About Us

"Our unique growth strategy is quality-driven innovation in everything we do."

InstaTech is a leading Indian based IT services and staffing company established by professional experts from the corporate with over 10 years of global experience and expertise on various technologies.

Our corporate understanding has given us extensive and in depth knowledge be it in IT Solutions or Staffing our experience in managing technology projects; Right from selecting tools and platforms to implementing information technology solution has shown results.

We strive to improve your flexibility to manage increasingly complex IT environment with a crystal clear objective to deliver quality Web application and Software Development Services at an affordable price.

Today in the “next generation” of IT and consulting, we focus on IT business unit’s requirement like services and staffing for application development, software testing, system administration and data processing across the world. We also provide a complete range of services by leveraging our domain and business expertise and strategies.

On the principle of taking the best talent available to the location where it makes the best economic sense with the least amount of acceptable risk gives us the pride in associating and building strategic and long-term client relationship. We will continue to grow as a profitable service provider and staffing company, offering end-to-end technology and user experience solutions with a strong focus over quality, on time delivery and Professionalism.

We firmly believe that vision without action is almost a daydream, therefore we strategize IT solutions and deliver unmatched quality and exceed customer’s satisfaction to earn respect as an individual identity and emerge as a winner.

Our team is proficient to deliver quick and quality solutions. With a blend of experts with proven track records our web designers, network engineers, software developers, graphic designers, software testers and search engine optimizers makes it possible to offer our clients affordable – web solutions that are both innovative and highly influential.
In a nutshell, our customer means everything to us and we thrive to deliver by putting all our available expertise and resources to use. Without you, there is no “About us

InstaTech follows a flexible delivery methodology that covers a wide range of project landscapes. When we talk about our methodology, it is purely based on client specific needs and requirements; we take up wide-ranging development methodologies and practices. With the help of this method we do concept building and prototyping and make it easy to understand the requirements in a better way. We exhibit an exemplary knowledge in methodologies. We trust that  our methodologies speak the actual process and aims at attaining the customer’s ultimate requirement with utmost satisfaction. InstaTech  delivers value-enhancive solutions in IT, professional web design and development, internet marketing, e-business solutions and back office support. We operate a business model that focuses on creating quality deliverables, continuously anticipates client’s challenges and evolves accordingly to provide cutting-edge solutions, thus enabling sustainability. Our quality standards and transparent business operating model inspire trust in our clients.

How We Deliver
InstaTech can help you with a range of solutions, from initial business idea to concept realization, to continuous support and product improvement.

Business Idea
InstaTech can provide you with crucial business intelligence needed to identify new, emerging opportunities in the market or provide you with crucial domain-specific information needed to materialize your business idea. We gain insight into your business objectives and help you discover realistic solutions that enable you to realize your vision.

Market Research 
We perform primary and secondary market research to determine the potentiality of the market, explore existing and latent customer requirements, capital funding for the venture, determine required expertise and technology, analyze competition, and develop actionable information.

Business Analysis & Planning
We help you analyze the requirements of the business and prepare a blue print of solutions to meet the requirements. We help you craft strategic business goals based on the industry trends, technology advancements, and global market scenarios. 

Project Cost
Cost estimation is a crucial aspect of a project. Several elements are to be taken into account to arrive at a realistic, authoritative project cost estimate. InstaTech prepares Business Case Projecting benefits and the costs involved to evaluate the potentiality of the project. Project requirements and deliverables involved are thoroughly studied; project is visualized as it unfolds, and cost is allocated to various WBS (Work Breakdown Structure) WPs (Work Packages); and a Baseline cost is arrived at for each project activity.

Project Delivery Timeline
InstaTech develops comprehensive project schedule that defines each process involved and establishes delivery timeline for each process. We consider the project scope, size, project requirements, costs involved, each project phase, availability of personnel and expertise, and tasks assigned to each team member, and map them to a realistic timeline.

Technology Selection
A range of technology selection, from developing small proofs of concept through to executing a total analysis, is inherent to a project development life cycle. InstaTech understands your project objectives and requirements and helps you with technology that best fit your needs. We deliberate on several factors, including the key functional requirements compatibility, performance, maintainability, platform compatibility, and technical support availability, to decide on the best choice of technology that aligns with your project.

People Selection
Getting the right people for a project is crucial to its success. Our deep experience in IT and Project Development, and our global connections, enable us to understand your existing and latent requirements better, and empowers us with the ability to identify the right resources with the unique skill set essential to your project.

Requirement Gathering & Analysis
A thorough study of the project is undertaken by a InstaTech expert team to comprehend project requirements and determine the project goals. The team interacts closely with the client to acquire insight into the project domain, general and specific project-related requirements of the client. Subsequent to a thorough requirement analysis, the team formalizes the objectives of the project, and composes complete specification report.

Planning and initiation
An expert team prepares a project plan that best reflects the client needs and decides on strategies that ensure optimal utilization of resources, on-time delivery, and a reasonable margin of financial advantage to the client. Project planning is undertaken in close association with the client to ensure that the project does not deviate from the client’s vision.

Architecture & Design
The structural properties of the system, from elemental to the apex, are defined. All elements that build up the system – the components of the system, inter-relationships of the components, the behavior of the system and its evolution over time – are defined. Design plans to materialize the system as defined are charted. The design plan focuses on how to make things work in order to develop the system according to its defined architecture. Designers develop the prototype of the system with its proposed components (as defined in the architecture) to provide a clear view to the client regarding the product and enable incorporation of any required changes in the early development stage itself.

Execution & Development
InstaTech brings together resources essential to execute a project through all possible channels. Developers work on developing the system with its components as defined by the design document, using a combination of domain expertise, well-established process methodologies, industry-standard quality practices, cutting-edge infrastructure, proven management methods, and a touch of innovation, is introduced to create and deliver value.

Monitoring & Control
Constant monitoring is performed trough each phase by our project development executives. Our project development model allows for parallel online product monitoring by the client as it evolves, to prevent possibilities of product deviations, and to provide greater project control to the client.


Quality & Testing
A ‘Test Plan’ is prepared to describe the various levels of testing for the product. Rigorous Testing methodologies are employed to ensure that the product conforms exactly to client specifications.

Implementation & Support
The product is incorporated into client’s business. InstaTech  team deploys the software, familiarizes assigned personnel on the client-end with the software, and acquires final approval from the client on the project. Our development team provides 24/7 technical support after installation.

Continuous Enhancement & Performance Improvement
We ensure increased product performance through constant monitoring and regular incorporation of enhancements. Our expertise in diverse technologies, tools and platforms enables us to increase the magnitude of value delivered by your product.

Quality Assurance in all stages
We ensure that quality reflects in every phase of our project development life-cycle by adopting a process-driven approach that derives deliverables that are in alignment with client objectives. Outcomes of every phase are closely monitored for deviations. Our quality processes are constantly enhanced to meet industry standards and render quality solutions.

Project and Program Management
Our years of experience equip us with deep industry knowledge and enrich our ability to structure well-defined and distinct methodologies, and execute effective program and project management. We constantly enhance our expertise in process and project management through regular competency assessment, knowledge acquisition, and resource investment and strive to continue setting industry benchmarks.

Return On Investment
‘Return On Investment’ is the way of business at InstaTech , and this policy is not just confined to every phase of project life cycle, but transforms into a continual process that goes beyond the preliminary product creation to enhancing the product standard for as long as there are advancements, and delivers sustainable value to our clients.