API Testing

Application Programming Interface (API) sets your software up for success by testing for correct application logic.

API Testing Service

A program’s API is what allows data to be exchanged between multiple systems and is a vital part of any application. With a properly working API, the software simply can’t function. Rather than testing the front-end of the system, API testing focuses on how an application behaves. We use advanced API testing methodology to perform Python API tests, Java API tests, PHP API tests, and more, meaning the team at InstaTech has the skills and expertise to perform API testing on the world’s most popular programming languages.

The Benefits of API Testing

Earlier Testing -

With API testing, once the logic is designed, tests can be built to validate the correctness in responses and data. We don’t have to wait for various teams to finish their work or for full applications to be built – test cases are isolated and ready to built immediately.

Easier Test Maintenance -

UIs are constantly changing and moving around based on how they are accessed – browsers, devices, screen orientation, etc. This creates a nightmare scenario where tests are being constantly rewritten to keep up with the actual code in production. API changes are much more controlled and infrequent – often times API definitions files like OpenAPI Spec can help make refactoring tests only a seconds of work.

Faster Time To Resolution -

When API tests fail, we know exactly where our system broke and where the defect can be found. This helps reduce time triaging bugs between builds, integrations, and even different team-members. The small, isolated footprint of an API test is perfect for faster MTTR stats, a valuable KPI for DevOps teams.

Speed and Coverage of Testing -

300 UI tests may take 30 hours to run. 300 API tests could be run in 3 minutes. That means you’ll find more bugs in less time, while also being about to fix them immediately.

InstaTech API Testing methodology includes the following steps: