Digital Transformation Services for the Hospitality Industry

Increase Customer Acquisition and Retain Franchisees with Agile IT

Instatech  helps hoteliers maximize revenue opportunities by adopting DevOps automation and optimizing digital platforms that support business goals and streamline business activities. Greater system agility allows hoteliers to react quickly to:

  • Address expanding OTA needs;
  • Dynamically deliver marketing campaigns and new online customer experiences and;
  • Actively support franchisee demands for optimized operations.

Yet, at a technical level, many hotel brands struggle to evolve their IT processes and create an agile system that would allow them to create a competitive advantage through better OTA communication, enhanced customer experiences or operational improvements.

Hoteliers can improve customer acquisition, optimize back-end business systems and retain franchisees with an agile IT platform that employs DevOps automation to grow IT productivity. Successful hoteliers use these freed resources to expand their ability to experiment with new customer campaigns, develop and maintain APIs for global OTAs and create differentiated customer experiences that grow loyalty and optimize revenue-per-room.

Increase Competitiveness in an Asset-Lean World

Reduce operational overhead and grow IT productivity with DevOps automation and system agility. Gain resources for business initiatives by automating time-consuming manual tasks.

Grow Your OTA Rank and Global Reach

Stay at the top of the recommendation list with OTA APIs that expose more, consistently fresh data. Expand global reach with APIs for market-specific OTAs.

Increase Customer Acquisition

Accelerate marketing efforts by quickly launching microsites and campaigns. Meet customer expectations for always-available booking with a scalable architecture. Collect and analyze customer insights for iterative improvement.

Support Customer Loyalty

Personalize customer loyalty experiences with integrated loyalty applications. Grow customer trust with PCI compliance and enhanced security supported by best practices such as Security by Design principles. Gain a complete, 360 view of the customer.


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