Natural Language Processing

​Bring the Power of Human Understanding to Your Digital Storefront

Our award-winning technology leverages natural language processing, machine learning, and ontological modeling to better connect shoppers to the products in your catalog.

Search Analytics & Trend Spotting

Know what customers want before they do. Gain actionable insights from all your site search data to understand what customers are looking for, analyze your top performing products, detect anomalies in real-time, and discover the latest trends as they happen.

Retail-Centric AI

InstaTech’s search and discovery solutions are the only technologies built on both a human-like understanding of linguistic structure and a deep retail awareness—allowing retailers to bring the best of the in-store shopping experience online.


​Maximize the potential of your product and user data and eliminate blind spots. We enrich your catalog with structured data to make your products more discoverable and connect them to the right shoppers, faster.

Plug and Play

​Our solution is designed to enhance, not overhaul. It seamlessly integrates with your existing stack or e-commerce platform so you can keep your infrastructure and business logic intact.

Dynamic & Scalable

​Our knowledge model is constantly learning. It evolves with your catalog and captures the latest trends in retail. Achieve enterprise-grade value without the complexity, time, and resources.